Company Information

A Message from the Company

KISHIMOTO will continue to aspire to create shops and train personnel to be able to help you
“faster, more broadly and more profoundly” as your source for interior decoration materials and information.

Now that the dwindling birthrate and aging of the population are becoming the basis of reality and the true meaning of abundance is being called into question, and now that we have a world-wide exchange of information, people and goods and we have become more closely involved with the world, it is our desire at KISHIMOTO to play a part in cultivating and disseminating the original spirit of creativity behind interior decoration styles arranged amidst a variety of conditions as well as Japanese interior decoration styles based harmony with nature.

Our entire company is united in the desire to become trusted and well-loved by all based on the fundamental principles of succession of Japanese materials cultivated amidst Japan’s climate and sensibilities, provision of products and information in line with ever-changing lifestyles and gratitude toward our customers and mutually beneficial relationships with our providers.

Company Overview

Company name KISHIMOTO
Founded Apr. 1948
Established Jan. 1956
Captial 30 million JPY
Representative CEO Hiromitsu Kishimoto
Number of employees 40 (31 male and 9 female)
Description of business Interior decorations and materials dealer
Office Headquarters
7-22 Kitakawahoricho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, 543-0053

Kita-Osaka Office
4-5-12 Hyakurakuso, Mino-shi, 562-0042

Sakai Office
3-1-8 Kurumanochonishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, 590-0940

5F Kishimoto, 7-22 Kitakawahoricho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, 543-0053
Executives CEO Hiromitsu Kishimoto
Executive Director Hiroyuki Murakami
Director Shuichi Nakatani
Auditor Makoto Sakai

Company History

  • Apr. 1948

    Keizo Kishimoto founded Kishimoto Keizo Shoten, a fusuma mounting materials dealership

  • Jan. 1956

    Reorganized as Kishimoto Keizo Shoten Co., Ltd.
    Keizo Kishimoto appointed as president

  • Aug. 1966

    Headquarters constructed at current location

  • Mar. 1971

    Headquarters product center constructed

  • Aug. 1975

    Sakai Office opens

  • May. 1978

    Ikeda Office opens

  • Jan. 1983

    Bunpei Kishimoto appointed as president

  • Mar. 1985

    Company name changed to KISHIMOTO

  • Jul. 1991

    North Building of the Headquarters reconstructed

  • Jul. 1997

    Ikeda Office relocated and newly constructed at current location
    Name changed to Kita-Osaka Office

  • Jan. 2002

    Shinji Matano appointed as CEO

  • Aug. 2005

    Sachiko Kishimoto appointed as CEO

  • Apr. 2012

    Hiromitsu Kishimoto appointed as CEO

  • Jul. 2015

    Began sales of an original fusuma paper sample book "ki・ra・ri"

  • Jan. 2017

    Transferred Sakai Office to current location