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Our entire company is united in the desire to become trusted and well-loved by all based on the fundamental principles of “succession of Japanese materials cultivated amidst Japan’s climate and sensibilities,” “provision of products and information in line with ever-changing lifestyles” and “gratitude toward our customers and mutually beneficial relationships with our providers.”

  • Construction material sales

    At KISHOMOTO, we offer a wide selection of construction materials including wallpaper and flooring.

    Construction material sales
  • Japanese products

    In addition to materials, we also offer products featuring Ukiyo-e paintings of beautiful women and landscapes in the form of tapestries and frames.

    Japanese products
  • Karakamiya

    Our “Japanese” showroom displays wallpaper, fusuma paper and shoji paper made using Japanese paper, an example of traditional Japanese culture.

Description of business

We are a long-standing
materials dealer founded in 1948.